Connecting Ads, People, Animals, Devices, Objects
and Exchanging Data with Other Providers

About people lifestyle connectivity and spending patterns via physical-related
and internet-related services and products. Internet Of Things


Gaintz has the 360-degree view of Big Data information needed to understand, analyse, connect, catch and nurture these empowered consumers to predict what happens next. These real predictive insights were generated by analysis and recommendation engines that come with endless possibilities of actions and results. With Internet Of Things, these possibilities are exchanging and connecting data from Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, GPS geotracking, traffic intelligent, website logs, mobile apps, user registration, retail smart cart, industrial sensors, medical statistics, sports update and much much more. Using massive amount of external information and big data analytics to its full potential can add 60% to its operating margin that can give you superior insights into your customers' minds and behavior. So Gaintz gives you predictive analytics, speed, actionable knowledge and relevance recommendation directly to the targeted persons or devices that can be monetized with Gaintz Loyalty Ecosystem into a long-term profit sharing. The right context is everything!

About Us

Gaintz Internet Of Things is connecting members to
the network of "ANYTHING"

Throughout Gaintz platform, we shall transform you from unstable lower income to solid upper income with your monthly purchasing power getting stronger five fold, enjoy superior quality lifestyle and amazing healthy body, work smarter with monthly consistent income to sustain the rest of your life. With our help, you are guaranteed for a lifetime consistent income source. Please download Gaintz Introduction for more information about Internet Of Things.

Member Connectivity

Giving life to your own life in whatever way you wish to do it.

Gaintz loyalty membership allows you to:

Earn cash back from your spending.
Earn from your lifestyle connectivity through Internet of Things.
(pay per view, per click, per visit, per use, per play, per work, etc.)

Be Extraordinary.
We Connect Things To Maximise Your Potential.

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