How It Works

Gaintz connecting Big Data and Internet Of Things with Loyalty Ecosystems

Loyalty Ecosystems Platform

Gaintz needs to have a strong foundation based system to encourage everyone to connect to Gaintz Big Data and Internet Of Things. This based system is Gaintz Loyalty Ecosystem Platform to reward everyone and businesses. There are many processing and engines within the platform to handle Financial Technology, Advertising and Marketing, Information and Measurement as well as Big Data Analytics and Insights that come with endless possibilities of actions and results.

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Macroview of Gaintz Platform

Gaintz Infographic

Increase Everyone Purchasing Power

Gaintz Loyalty Ecosystems has a unique and niche formula that will turn every single bonus point into a real cash money at 1:1 ratio. Such ratio will increase everyone cash flow with strong purchasing power. Gaintz rewards people by using, viewing, visiting, playing, recycling, working, spending and much more to collect useful quantitative and qualitative data. Member gets high cash back from every purchase, which is at least 75% of Gaintz Reseller Discount is giving back to member to increase purchasing power. Gaintz will also increase merchant's cash flow, repeat sales and revenue from Earn Out Of Box concept. This cross-merchant profit sharing concept was designed because of all the members won't spend at the same shop everyday, they will spend more at other shops. Merchant gets some profit sharing when member spending elsewhere and even from non-participating merchant via Gaintz Deal website. Moreover, merchants can access to Gaintz Big Data Marketing tool to drive targeted virtual and physical potential buyers to their shops.

Member Benefits

Connecting Big Data and Internet of Things

Why Gaintz? The future is here and Gaintz has started connecting big data for everyone. Please download Gaintz Introduction for more information about Internet Of Things. Here are some endless future connectivities.

Simplified Connected Devices

Smarter Customer Experiences

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